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11 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. just checking in. I’ve sent you a message via the contact form but I don’t know if you’ve received any. could you please notify me if you got the message? thank you


  2. Love your work! Thanks again for the follow and the reblog on one of my posts! Could you give me your email address I have a question.

    Warm regards,
    Part-time Parisian


  3. Your email address isn’t working by the way … tried to contact you but it bounced …

    Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server.


  4. Your initiative sounds interesting but I have no facebook account and don’t really intend to get one. However, I am an avid amateur photography with my own ideas on photography styles. I do macro on flowers and bugs, I do some travel posts too. I would like to see where you are going to take this. Any thoughts?


  5. So, I am interested in your initiative but I have nothing to do with Facebook and no intention of joining FB. I would be interested in participating, sharing, contributing to your endeavor for I am a very active artist, photographer, and writer but feel stymied by the FB only requirement. Couldn’t you just have a comments/chat option on the site itself? That makes sense to me at least. It is disappointing to feel left out because I do not participate in FB.


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