Welcome to iPhotoMag.

The iPhotoMag website shall endeavor to deliver interesting content relating to social media technologies. The site has the news, reviews, editorials and blogging sections.

The news section shall try and update readers on the latest news in the field of social media technology (e.i. audio and visual types of equipment etc). Specifically, about pieces of equipment bloggers, bloggers and podcasters use to create their content on social media such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest.

The reviews section shall aim at reviewing those types of equipment that social media contents creators may need. The reviews would be an overview of the equipment’s pros and cons, some comparisons, price and where to source them from.

I shall upload regular content in the blog section, mainly photography and video related as they are my main interests.

I shall write an editorial once a week informing you of the latest news and reviews.